#ridehack: cleaning your Brinckers e-bike

Yeah, we know: cleaning is not your favorite activity. However, cleaning your electric bicycle is definitely recommended! That way you extend the life of your bike and ensure maximum performance over time. Cleaning your e-bike is therefore a necessarily evil.

How often should you clean your Brinckers e-bike? And how should you do that exactly? Because with all those electrical parts you have to pay attention to how you clean your e-bike. The best tips? Read them in this cleaning # ride hack.

Longer life span

To extend the life of your Brinckers e-bike, we recommend that you clean your e-bike every so often. But be careful: do not use a high pressure sprayer! The force of the high pressure washer can damage the engine and battery. In addition, with such a high-pressure sprayer you can spray out essential fats (from the bearings, for example), which means that parts work less smoothly.

Cleaning, what do you need?

  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Bicycle cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Chain oil
  • Chain degreaser
  • Dry cloth

Cleaning: the step-by-step plan

  1. Put water and bicycle cleaner in a bucket and clean your bicycle with a soft sponge. Then rinse your bike. If you have a garden hose available, you can use it to rinse your bike after cleaning: it’s easy! But again: do not use a high pressure sprayer.
  2. Be careful with large amounts of water near the battery and other electronic elements.
  3. Do you have an open chain guard? With a dry cloth or brush you can remove the worst dirt from the chain.
  4. Then spray chain degreaser on the chain (and possibly cassette) and let it soak for 5 minutes. Next rinse the chain thoroughly with water.
  5. Then dry your entire bike thoroughly to prevent parts from rusting.
  6. Are your chain and cassette dry properly? Then put a layer of chain oil on the chain and your Brinckers e-bike will ride like a dream again!