#ridehack: battery capacity and range

The battery is one of the most important parts of your Brinckers e-bike! The battery supplies energy to the engine, so you can cycle nice and light. If the battery is empty, the support is also lost. Of course you do not want that, so it is important to know the capacity and the range of your battery.

Battery and capacity

The capacity of a battery is expressed in watt-hours (Wh). The greater the capacity, the more kilometers the battery will last. The capacity of a bicycle battery can vary greatly, but many electric bicycles are supplied with a 300, 400 or 500 Wh battery. With most Brinckers e-bikes you can (for an additional fee) choose a heavier battery (for example 600Wh or perhaps 750Wh). A 600 Wh battery provides twice as much energy as a 300 Wh battery on the same e-bike.

Choosing a battery

With most Brinckers e-bikes, you can choose different batteries, as mentioned. This way you can assemble your e-bike so that it perfectly suits your use. For example, the Brinckers Brisbane is sold with a standard 450Wh battery. A 450Wh battery is suitable for distances between 50 and 80 km and is therefore very suitable for daily use in the city. If you want to cycle further distances for recreational use or because of the commuting distance, we recommend a battery of 600Wh or 750Wh.

Here is an overview of the models where you have a choice in battery:

  • Brinckers Baxter F7
  • Brinckers Baxter HM8
  • Brinckers Boston
  • Brinckers Brisbane M310
  • Brinckers Brisbane M8

The range of your Brinckers e-bike

The distance you can travel with a full battery is the range of the battery. The batteries are often tested under ideal conditions so that the range is high. At Brinckers, we try to give you a realistic picture of how far you can cycle with a full battery by indicating a maximum range and a realistic average. This way you know what to expect and you can compare the bikes well with other bicycle brands. You can keep approximately these distances:

Bafang system

  • 450 Wh – Maximum 80 km, average approx. 50 km
  • 600 Wh – Maximum 100 km, average approx. 80 km
  • 750 Wh – Maximum 130 km, average approx. 110 km

Bosch system

  • 500 Wh – Maximum 115 km, average approx. 60 km
  • 625 Wh – Maximum 130 km, average approx. 80 km

Note: there are a number of things that can negatively affect the range. Factors that can negatively influence the range are:

  • Weather conditions (wind, rain)
  • Tire pressure (too soft, too hard)
  • Roads and landscape (poor road surface, hilly area)
  • Total weight (more weight is less mileage)
  • Shifting behavior (too heavy gear requires more from the battery)
  • Support mode (maximum support is less mileage)
  • Braking and accelerating (just like with a car)
  • Condition of the battery
  • Age of the battery
  • Charging and preservation