#ridehack: Enviolo stepless shifting

A number of Brinckers models are equipped with an Enviolo gear hub. This beautiful piece of technology probably raises some question marks: because what is it really? No worries, we will explain it to you!

An Enviolo system is a luxurious way of shifting gears, whereby the power is transferred in a more efficient way. What it actually means is this: with such a gear system you can shift without clicks (stepless). So you do not switch from one gear to another with a hard click, but do so very gradually, as if you are turning the volume knob of the radio.

This smooth way of shifting provides an unprecedented fine driving experience and is also very suitable for people who have less power in their hands. You don’t need any strength or crazy wrist movement to switch!

Enviolo Manual

There are different types of Enviolo gear hubs: manual and automatic gear hubs.

The manual Enviolo hub means that you switch with your own hand. You determine with the manual version how much resistance you ride. You simply turn the gear lever that is processed next to the handle. This is different from the automatic gear hub where the bicycle shifts itself based on your strength and speed.

To date, at Brinckers we only use the Enviolo manual gear hub. You can find it on the Brisbane M310, for example.

Enviolo Automatic 

In addition to the manual variant, Enviolo has also designed an automatic shift hub. With the push of a button you can turn the “automatic” on or off, just like with the car. The hub adjusts the resistance automatically. If you cycle up a hill you automatically cycle lighter, even after a stop the gear automatically shifts into a lighter gear to get you going again easily.

New: Enviolo AUTOMATiQ

Enviolo’s newest product is AUTOMATiQ. This is almost the same product as the automatic variant, but you can connect your phone wirelessly to AUTOMATiQ via an app. With this app you can configure your Enviolo AUTOMATiQ the way you like it. In addition, the app also indicates when maintenance must take place, super handy! This latest Enviolo also has a greater switching range than the other products. This technique has not yet been applied to Brincker’s e-bikes.