Brinckers e-bike reviews: 88% is satisfied

In December 2019, our dealer sent a customer satisfaction survey to buyers of Brinckers e-bikes. We are very happy with that, because we think it is very important to know how buyers experience our bikes. Because only then can you continue to improve your bikes, so that they are really tailored to the customer’s wishes.

Customer satisfaction research

To map out customer satisfaction, they asked a number of questions to get a clear picture.

  1. What is your general impression of Brinckers (from very positive to very negative)
  2. To what extent do you agree with the following statements? Agree / disagree with:
    ‘good quality’
    ‘large enough assortment’
    ‘good price’
    ‘good looking bikes’
  3. How would you describe Brinckers in three key words?
  4. To what extent would you reconsider Brinckers?

Brinckers customer satisfaction

88% van Brinckers kopers is tevreden

Main conclusions

  • To our delight, 88% have said they are satisfied with the Brinckers e-bike. What the e-bikes scored particularly well on are ‘value-for-money’ and ‘good quality’. Our designers can be proud of that!
  • The 3 most frequently mentioned keywords are ‘solid’, ‘cool’ and ‘quality’.
  • When asked to what extent they would reconsider a Brinckers e-bike, 42% indicated that they would probably consider a Brinckers e-bike and 45% indicated that they would certainly consider the e-bike. So once you have tried a Brinckers you really don’t want anything else!

In short: we are very proud of the beautiful e-bikes that we produce. Of course we take the feedback we have received on board for future designs and developments. This makes our e-bikes even better!