Brinckers company e-bikes: business e-bike lease

Since January 1, 2020, business bicycle leasing has been a hot topic in the workplace. You can lease a company bike for a few euros per month. Just like with a car, you pay an additional tax for private use. The travel allowance will be canceled for the days that you use the bicycle. For the days that you still take public transport or the car to work, you will still receive a travel allowance (per kilometer).

Previously, you had to keep a mileage registration if you wanted to use the e-bike privately, so this will be canceled with the annual addition of 7%. The annual addition is calculated per year on the recommended retail price of the bicycle and accessories (including VAT).

There are two options for managing the cost of a lease bike: making it available to employees (in Dutch: ter beschikking stellen) and using a cafeteria model. Making it available means that the lease costs are paid by the employer, cafeteria model means that the employee assumes the lease costs via his / her gross salary. The employer determines which option it will be.

Driving a Brinckers company e-bike?

We also provide the option to lease our Brinckers e-bikes. We offer the Brinckes Brisbane M8 and Brinckers Boston as a lease bike through our sister company Hellorider (also part of the International Bike Group). This means that you can lease a Brinckers bicycle for a fixed low monthly amount. A great development for our brand that we are very proud of.

View the Brinckers lease bikes on Hellorider and read all about the company bike.