#ridehack: display and controls explained

Each Brinckers e-bike has a display with a control panel that allows you to operate the bicycle. There are differences between the different motor systems. For example, the control panel can be incorporated in the display, but it can also be a separate controller, with the display in the middle of the handlebar and the control next to the handle. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems? Read it in this display-# ridehack!


You can encounter different displays with controls on the Brinckers electric bicycles. You have models with an LED display (Baxter) or models with an LCD display (Boston, Brisbane, Granville, Granville Sport).

1. LED display (Bafang)

An LED display is the simplest version of a display. On the basis of a few lights (LEDs) you can see which support mode you use and how much battery you have left. With the LED display, the control is incorporated: so you have everything-in-one next to the handle. This way you can operate everything without taking your hands off the wheel.

Led display

Due to its simple technology, the LED display is a lot cheaper than an LCD display.

The Brinckers Baxter F7 and HM8 are equipped with this user-friendly LED display. The advantage of this simple LED display of the Baxter is that it has a Bluetooth connection. When you use the Bafang GO app, you can easily connect this display to your smartphone for navigation, for example.

2. LCD display (Bafang)

An LCD display is slightly more complex and luxurious and you can read more information on it. Think of average speed, trip distance and remaining action radius. This type of display is always placed in the center of the handlebars and the controls next to the handle.

Full color display

The Bafang LCD display is a full-color display that remains legible even in bright daylight. In addition, this type of display has a USB output, with which you can charge your phone on the go or use your phone for navigation.

The Brinckers Brisbane M8 / M310 and the Brinckers Boston are equipped with this luxurious display.

3. LCD display (Bosch)

The Bosch system has a different type of LCD display. The Brinckers Granville models with Bosch Active Line motor system are all equipped with the Bosch Intuvia display. The Intuvia display is not full-color, but it offers a lot of possibilities to request information about your e-bike on the go. In addition, this compact display is removable: when you park your e-bike, you can easily click this display off. A nice extra anti-theft protection!

Intuvia display

The Brinckers Granville M8 / S9 and the Brinckers Granville Sport are all equipped with the Bosch Intuvia display in the center of the handlebars.

Would you like to know more about the functions of your display? Take a look at the manual of your e-bike.