Brinckers, the Human Power Team and the fastest bicycle in the world

“This year we are going to break the world record!” – Jennifer Breet

The Human Power Team, a student team from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam, unveiled their latest aerodynamic recumbent bike at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg on Saturday 27 July. With this recumbent bike, called the VeloX 9, the team wants to break the world speed bike record of 121.8 km / h in September in the Nevada desert in America.

Female world record

The Human Power Team strives to bring people and technology together and thereby show what you can achieve with manpower. They do this by producing a bicycle every year with which they participate in the World Human Powered Speed ​​Challenge in Nevada, United States. The Human Power Team competes against other teams to achieve the highest possible speed on a bicycle in the female rankings. Last year, the team won first and second place. In addition to winning, this year the students also want to set the world record in the Dutch name. Utrecht-based Rosa Bas and Jennifer Breet from Leiden will take up this battle. The world record is now set at 121.8 km / hour by the Frenchwoman Barbara Buatois.

Brinckers is also helping to build the fastest recumbent bike in the world in 2019! Brinckers and the Human Power Team are fully aligned when it comes to contributing to the vehicle industry and other sustainable developments. That is why we are again a proud partner of this fantastic project this year. Brinckers supplied essential parts to build the VeloX 9. Read more information about the Human Power Team here.

Samenwerking Brinckers en het Human Power Team